Do you do any colour other than pink?

Yes! But we do lots of pink, because that is the instantly recognisable, classic Sunderland look, and we think it looks great.

If you visit the lustre room at Sunderland Museum – which we enthusiastically recommend – after marvelling at all the pink you will notice that there are a few items of amber lustre. You get the same if you search the net for antique pieces. So we also make some things a marmalade orange as an alternative to the pink.

We also use gold, and are experimenting with coloured enamels to complete the look.

We occasionally use other colour lustres but find them less dependable in firing… so as respecters of tradition would encourage you to… think pink…

Can I have a different combination of images on my pot?

Yes, of course you can… you just have to not mind waiting a while! Get in touch and let us know which ones you would like, and as soon as we have time we’ll get it done for you.

Can I have a dedication inside my mug?

Yes! We have made some cups with ‘For [name]’ on the inside rim and are happy to do this, but as with any other customisation, need additional time, usually a few weeks.

Can I request a pot that’s on your Instagram pages but isn’t here?

Yes. We plan to build up our stock here, but commissions and supplying our stockists take priority. Things will turn up here eventually, but you could have a long wait… so just ask!

What packaging do you use, and who do you post with?

We despatch orders in cardboard boxes sealed with brown paper tape.

Each item is wrapped in white tissue and re-used bubble wrap or card. We don’t tape any of this, so that if it is a gift you can take a peek and re-wrap, and if it isn’t, you can re-use it again. We send our parcels via Royal Mail.

Can you gift wrap and send direct to the recipient?

Of course. Just give us the details and we will add some extra tissue paper and one of our cards with your message, and post directly.

What are your pots made from?

Earthenware clay, clear glaze, printed transfers, metallic lustre. These are primarily decorative items – earthenware is not as robust as other ceramic bodies such as stoneware, bone china or porcelain, so best not put to heavy use – though the glaze is food safe.

How should I care for my lustre ware?

Ideally, gently wipe clean or hand wash.

Do not scour, use harsh chemicals or hot water on the lustre.

Where can I see your pots up close?

We are stocked at the Tom Paine Printing Press and Gallery on Lewes High Street here in Sussex.

Shopkeeper Peter Chasseaud prints on a reproduction C18 press while enthusing and informing on the town’s most famous adopted son, Thomas Paine.

He also paints, and sells the work of a number of artists including his wife, the author Carolyn Trant. He never has a bored visitor.

How are the cats? Who are the cats?

Tom and Suki are our resident felines, brother and sister rescue tuxedos we’ve had since they were kittens. They are very well, thank you, and in 2022 were joined by Margo the kitten.

Larwill’s lion is the handsome beast hanging from the Westgate wall in between Sussex Lustreware HQ and the Tom Paine Printing Press. He looks increasingly like Richard.